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About this event

Europe's premier offline meeting place

for leading-edge institutional investors.

Exchange-traded funds and products (ETFs / ETPs) have enjoyed explosive growth over recent years, and asset managers from all over Europe are increasingly interested in incorporating them into their portfolios.

Drawn from the best of the European ETF industry, our speakers will demonstrate:

  • how ETFs work;
  • what ETFs / ETPs can add to a portfolio;
  • how ETFs can be used to build model portfolios, and
  • the positive effects ETFs / ETPs can have on existing portfolios.

Confirmed Speakers




Bringing over 30 years of investment experience, Louis is currently celebrating growing the fixed income team at RAB Capital to over $1 billion under management.

His previous career highlights include Salomon Brothers, JPMorgan (Head of High Yield/Credit) and Goldman Sachs (Head of High Yield/Credit).

Louis is currently Managing Partner and CIO for LNG Capital LLP.

Having previously worked at a leading provider of wealth management services as a Senior Fund Manager and Head of Fixed Income Research, Matt is now responsible for the day-to-day management of one of the UK’s largest online investment platforms.

With experience managing a discretionary fixed income fund and managing multi-asset funds across a four-person team, Matt is a CFA chartholder with a first class Masters degree in Mathematics from the University of York.

Matt is currently Fund Manager at AJ Bell Funds.

Collaborating with a number of clients in the portfolio solutions space, Allan spearheaded BlackRock’s iShares investment research initiative in Europe.

Before joining iShares in 2008, Allan spent three years within the Active Fixed Income business at Barclay’s Global Investors focusing on a range of trading strategies in the rates and credit arena.

In his rookie years in the early 1990s, he learnt the craft of stochastic calculus as a derivatives specialist at Banque Paribas, before being recruited to head up JP Morgan’s Equity Derivatives Models team.

Allan is currently Founding Partner of the FinTech startup Algo-Chain and Twenty20 Investments.




Rick spent most of his career in senior leadership roles with The CME Group (“CME”), a leading provider of benchmark futures and options products and an innovator in futures trading.

At CME, Rick held the post of Managing Director, Products and Services. In this role he led global sales, product development, and strategic global growth initiatives. He played an integral part in the transition of CME’s ownership stake in Dow Jones Indexes to the S&P Dow Jones Indices joint venture.

He also held senior positions in CME’s index products division.

Rick is currently CEO at the Index Industry Association.

Helen has worked in financial markets for over 17 years. She founded her own macroeconomic consulting firm, BlondeMoney, in 2017. Her team provides expert analysis on financial markets and politics.

Previously, she was Head of Currency Alpha for State Street Global Advisors. She started her career in Foreign Exchange at Merrill Lynch. Helen has also worked as an adviser to former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne during the financial crisis.

She is a keen mentor, helping Chinese entrepreneurs as part of Goldman Sachs 10000 Women initiative.

Helen is currently CEO at BlondeMoney.

Alan co-founded SCM Direct, the actively managed pure ETF investment manager, in June 2009.

In 2012 Alan co-launched the True and Fair Campaign, calling for an end to rip offs and dubious practices in the UK investment and pension industry.

Prior to SCM, Alan was co-founder and CIO of New Star Asset Management from 2001-2007; and prior to New Star, he headed the High-Performance Team at Jupiter.

He is a qualified accountant; as well as an alumnus of the London Business School.

Allan is currently Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer at SCM Direct.

Answering your toughest questions

What's the big deal with ETFs/ETPs?

How can they boost my portfolio?

USD6.35 trillion. That's the total recorded value of assets in the global ETF and ETP industry from early 2020, according to ETFGI. In Europe alone, ETFs are now worth over USD1 trillion.

This phenomenal growth is driven by the liquidity, transparency and low cost of the ETF, whose underlying investments can range from core vanilla indices to thematic indices in the ESG or robotics sector, or even the medical marijuana industry. Investment managers of all types can gain exposure to a basket of shares in a theme of their choice, through the purchase of the appropriate ETF.

We’ve designed this one-day event to connect investors, fund managers and issuers interested in answering the question: what can ETFs add to existing portfolios?








Networking Opportunities

Event Agenda


Registration & Breakfast

Opening Address


Panel Discussion • Investing in ETFs — a wealth of opportunities


From smart beta, factor-based investment, to exposure to vanilla indices, ETFs offer a solution to all challenges that face the professional investor when constructing their portfolios. This panel will discuss the wide range of ETFs available and how they can be used for portfolio construction.

Matt Brennan, Fund Manager, AJ Bell Funds - Alan Miller, Founder & CIO, SCM Direct

Patrick Mattar, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Panel Discussion • Construction and range of indices underpinning the ETF market



Presentation: Issuer

This panel will investigate sectors, geographical spread, factor issues, tracking error, and costs at an index and exchange level.

Rick Redding, CEO, The Index Industry Association

Presentation: Issuer



Panel Discussion • “The Big Debate”

This house believes ETFs will ultimately increase instability in the capital markets. Two protagonists — one for ETFs, the other against — will debate the relative merits of the vehicle in a traditional debate, supported by comments from the audience.

Allan Lane, Co-Founder, Algo-Chain - Louis Gargour, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer, LNG Capital LLP

Helen Thomas, CEO, BlondeMoney - Alan Miller, Founder & CIO, SCM Direct

Networking Lunch



Presentation: Issuer

Presentation: Issuer


Ease of trading; relative merits of exchange or platform trading; the costs of trading; the RFQ process; transparency and liquidity issues and the role of APs and marketmakers.


Panel Discussion • How to trade your ETFs

The rapid rise of the ETF industry, the increasing impact of post-GFC regulation and specifically MiFID2 and OTC regulatory changes. New non transparent ETFs and their implications for active managers.

Rick Redding, CEO, The Index Industry Association


Panel Discussion • Regulatory impact on institutional ETF investing


Coffee Break

The flexibility and liquidity of ETFs makes them useful vehicles for accessing a range of thematic strategies. From Robotics to Medical Marijuana, to ESG Factors, learn how ETFs offer a new route to investment.

Panel Discussion • Trends and Thematic Investing Through ETFs


Presentation: Issuer


Event concludes

Networking Drinks Reception




Closing remarks

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